Our story

Robbie and Kelly met in their freshman college dorm. After many years and stints living in Mexico, Chile, and Spain, their lives were changed by hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ while attending Grace Presbyterian Church in Washington DC. Shortly after, they were married and moved to St. Louis to attend Covenant Theological Seminary. 

In St. Louis they discovered the global scope of God's reconciling love, ministering among Liberian, Rwandan, Nepalese, and Burmese refugees. They began dreaming the Lord might one day use them to establish a church serving people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. Following seminary, Robbie served as an assistant pastor and church-planting apprentice at Christ the King Newton, just outside of Boston.

In spring 2016, the Mills learned about the excellent work of For the Nations Refugee Outreach in Kelly's hometown of Dallas. It became clear that God was at work in powerful ways among the various refugee communities. The North Texas Presbytery and Southwest Church Planting Network have called us to build on this work, inviting many into a cross-cultural family of disciples embodying redemptive unity for the glory of God.

The Lord has called our family to pursue Christians and non-Christians with the reconciling love of Jesus Christ. We pray that many might embrace the gospel of grace and taste the sweetness of God's kingdom. 

We would love to hear about your own spiritual journey and interest in this project. Please contact us to set up a time for coffee or a meal!



Email: robbie.mills@gmail.com
Phone: 336-409-9463
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